What is V10?

What is V10?

V10 is a natural crop protection agent based on cross-protection. Developed by Valto, it is used in the cultivation of tomatoes to combat Pepino Mosaic Virus. V10 is composed of two mild variants of the virus: VX1 and VC1. By vaccinating young plants with non-aggressive strains of PepMV, we protect them against symptoms of strains that are aggressive. After the initial treatment, Valto remains closely involved and regularly inspects the crop to ensure the product is effective.

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Maximum protection

Plants treated with V10 are vaccinated against the most common strains of PepMV: PepMV EU, Pep MV LP and Pep MV CH2. V10 also suppresses the symptoms of PepMV US1. This double protection offers growers more certainty than if their plants had been treated with only one strain, because there would then still be a realistic chance of infection with one of the other strains. Ongoing research has shown that plants recover just as quickly after inoculation, regardless of the number of strains used in the vaccine.

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“Years of research have gone into creating V10”

PepMV EU still present

It is sometimes wrongly assumed that the European strain, which was discovered earlier, has been replaced by the Chilean strain, and that vaccination with only one strain would be sufficient to protect crops. However, scientific studies have shown that the European strain is still present. This continues to be monitored every year, and it appears that there is even a heightened occurrence of the virus in plants that have not been vaccinated against PepMV EU.

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Years of research have gone into developing V10, and behind the scenes we continue to fine-tune our unique product. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Would you like more information about our research and background?

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V10 vaccination at a glance

Area of application
Type of application
Crop treatment by rubbing in after planting
Organism to control
Pepino Mosaic Virus
Dosage (agent) per application
10% (0.8 L V10 + 8 L water), in combination with 15 grams of synthetic sand per 1 L of diluted liquid for rubbing.
Maximum dosage (agent) per application
0,8 l/ha
Maximum number of applications per crop cycle
Safety margin in days

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