What is V10?

V10 is a natural crop protection agent developed by Valto which is used in the tomato-growing industry to combat the Pepino Mosaic Virus.
V10 is composed of two mild strains of the virus: VX1 and VC1. By infecting tomato plants with these mild strains, their defence mechanism is activated. As a result, the plants are no longer susceptible to infection by the more aggressive strains, which as a rule tend to cause considerable losses in both quality and production.

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How to apply V10

Double protection

Thanks to the application of cross-protection, plants treated with V10 are vaccinated against the most common strains of PepMV: PepMV EU, PepMV LP and PepMV CH2. It also suppresses the symptoms of PepMV US1. V10’s double protection offers growers more certainty than if their plants had been treated with only one strain, because there would still be a realistic chance of infection with one of the other strains.

Two are better than one

Ongoing research has shown that it makes no difference to a plant if it is vaccinated against one or two mild strains of a virus. Plants that have been treated with two strains are restored to their former health just as quickly and effectively as plants that were treated with only one strain. However, they are much better protected.

Unprotected tomato plants (left) and crop protected by V10 (right).

PepMV EU is still around

It is erroneously assumed by many people that the European strain, which was formerly very persistent, has been replaced by the Chilean strain and that vaccination with only one strain would be sufficient to protect a tomato crop. However, it has been scientifically proven that the European strain is still present. Measurements are taken every year in respect of this, and it appears that there is even a heightened occurrence of the virus among plants not vaccinated against PepMV EU.

Experience and expertise

A precondition for proper vaccination is that the vaccine is administered correctly. It goes without saying that you can count on Valto to provide clear instructions, as well as on the company’s vast experience and expertise. Several weeks following the vaccination, the crop is tested by means of random inspection to ensure that the crop protection agent has been administered effectively.

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Dutch growers have been making widespread use of our fully biological product since the introduction of V10.