Symptoms of PepMV

The Pepino Mosaic Virus is an extremely changeable virus that is widely prevalent in the greenhouse tomato industry and causes tremendous financial losses worldwide every year. There are several different strains of PepMV, such as LP, EU, CH2 and US1. Certain varieties of the virus can cause severe symptoms. What they are precisely and their intensity not only depends on the genetic makeup of the particular strain of virus, but also on such factors as climate conditions, nutrients and plant stress.

What are some of the PepMV symptoms?

Frequently occurring Pepmv symptoms are:
- Nettle-like leaves and/or bumpy leaves
- Mosaic spots on the leaves (yellow or dark in colour)
- Leaves have a grey colour
- Insufficient leaf development
- Brown stripes on the stalks
- Brown, dying leaves
- Yellow or orange spots on the tomatoes
- Flame-like print on the tomatoes
- Open backs

Highly infectious virus

The Pepino Mosaic Virus is highly infectious. Transfer of the virus most often takes place during activities such as turning, pinching out new blooms and harvesting. The PepMV virus can spread through infected materials, such as clothing, scissors and knives.

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