V10: the best protection against PepMV

V10 is a natural crop protection agent developed by Valto and which is used in the tomato-growing industry to combat the extremely harmful Pepino Mosaic Virus also known as PepMV. The unique composition of V10 (composed of not one, but two mild variants of the virus) provides double protection against the most common variants of PepMV.

What is V10?

This is how V10 works

V10 is composed of not only one but two mild strains of the pepino virus and protects your plants double against the most common variants of PepMV.

In search of solutions against Pepino virus

In 2006 Valto developed a revolutionary, natural remedy against the Pepino Mosaic Virus, which is still a major concern in the tomato-growing industry. V10 makes use of cross-protection to protect plants against the most common strains of PepMV. Growers have been making widespread use of V10 since the introduction of this unique crop protection agent several years ago.

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